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What is

Our Mission is to renew and cultivate Putnam County arts & craftsmanship for the beauty and sustainability of our community.

Creative Castle is an artisan market and connection point for creators throughout Putnam County, Indiana. It is a place where local makers and producers can sell their goods and a place where they can be encouraged by like-minded folks. We strive to keep everything we offer locally-made to help build up the local economy and our neighbors. Several of the folks who sell their crafted goods at Creation Castle even source their materials locally. When that happens, we create more sustainability in our community and it encourages us to be better stewards of the land we have been given.


We believe in ethical practices when it comes to trade. When you purchase at Creative Castle, you know exactly where your goods are coming from and who is making them.  You support your neighbors, your family and your friends, and enhance the quality of life for everyone near and far. We wanted to build a business that supports dozens of local artisans from one building and we believe Creative Castle is the answer.




Check out our social media pages and event page for live music, poetry, film screenings, workshops, gatherings, and more!

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Check out The Local Bards Playlist on Spotify

A Collection of Music from the Songwriters of Putnam County, Indiana

"Creative Castle is such a great place to find unique, local-made gifts! They also host a great local open mic on Mondays in downtown Greencastle that I've had the privilege to be a part of."

Justin Monts, Customer and Local Musician

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